7T MRI Lab

Bruker 7T

In 2004, the Imaging Research Center expanded with the addition of the In-Vivo Microimaging Laboratory (IVML). This state of the art laboratory has 500 ft2 of laboratory space and houses a 7.0T, 30 cm Bruker Biospec 70/30 NMR imaging spectrometer (Bruker BioSpin MRI GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany), and an ImTek micro CT system (ImTek Inc., Knoxville, TN) used for scanning small animals, and in-vitro specimens.

IRC Bruker 7T

The Bruker scanner has a 30 cm inner diameter (I.D.) with a 20.5 cm shielded imaging gradient system (200 mT/m for conventional imaging) and 12 cm I.D. high field gradient (400 mT/m) insert for micro imaging. It is a broadband imaging spectrometer operating at a magnetic field of 7.0 Tesla (300.3 MHZ) with multinuclear and fast imaging (including EPI) capabilities. This system is capable of 31P, 23NA, 19F and 13C chemical shift imaging and spectroscopy in mice and rats.

7T Lab Photos