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Guidelines for Submission and Review of Imaging Research Proposals

We recommend that investigators contact a faculty member in the IRC prior to submitting a proposal.

All investigators having research protocols that include the use of imaging modalities in either the Imaging Research Center (IRC) or in the Radiology Department must fill out an Imaging Research Proposal Form online. This will ensure that the appropriate processes and protocols can be established with the necessary personnel in a timely manner.

Research protocols that require imaging that is clinically indicated and would be performed even if the subjects were not enrolled in a research study and do not need other special resources, data analysis or data handling require online submission, but do not require review by the IRC Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

Research protocols that require imaging that is not needed for clinical care and would not take place if the subjects were not enrolled in the research study require review and approval by the IRC SAC.

If the following criteria are met, a research proposal will be eligible for an expedited review:

  • Those submitting the project have funding to pay for the examinations.
  • The imaging protocol does not require development of new imaging techniques. This must be determined by the IRC liaison prior to the submission of the proposal. Published imaging protocols may require significant development time.
  • Access to the imaging equipment needed for the particular research proposal is not restricted by scanner/personnel availability.

Any research proposal with imaging that is not needed for clinical care that does not meet the above criteria needs to undergo a full review. Even when research projects do meet the above criteria, they can undergo voluntary IRC SAC review at the request of the referring investigators.

If the work is connected with a funded project, please reference that proposal. If human subjects or animals are to be used, appropriate IRB or IACUC approval must be obtained before your project can begin. For all clinical resources being used, a Universal Services Form (USF) must be completed by the Investigator’s Business Director and submitted to the Accounting Department. Please send your IRB protocol with consent and approval letter or IACUC protocol and approval letter as well as a copy of your USF to the IRC Business Manager,Donna Lyons, ML 5031.


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