Software has been developed at the IRC for the post-processing of functional MRI, diffusion MRI, spectroscopy, and perfusion MRI data, as well as raw data reconstruction, volumetric segmentation, and mapping of various MRI parameters including T1, T2, and B1 field. The software is named Cincinnati Children's Hospital Image Processing Software (CCHIPS), and is written in the Interactive Data Language (IDL). CCHIPS/IDL is compatible with IDL versions 5.1 and higher.

CCHIPS is available free of charge to all interested parties for research purposes only. If CCHIPS is used in the preparation of data used for any publication, the author and the IRC expect to receive credit in the manuscript. Please note that while bug reports are appreciated, support is not provided.


Notes on Co-registration

The co-registration algorithm has been written by Philippe Thevenaz and has been imported into CCHIPS. As we do not have permission from the author to re-distribute his software, you must download it from here. Once you have done so, you may obtain the code necessary for importation into CCHIPS upon request from the author. If you present or publish results based on the co-registration code, the author (Philippe Thevenaz) expects you to include a citation or acknowledgment.

CCHIPS Mailing List

We encourage everyone downloading CCHIPS to register on our CCHIPS mailing list:


CCHIPS is Copyright 2010 by:

The Imaging Research Center
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
3333 Burnet Ave, MLC 5031
Cincinnati, OH 45229


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