IRC Software License Agreement


The software provided on this website and its documentation are provided as is, and no warranty for their correctness or usefulness for any purpose is made or implied by the Imaging Research Center (IRC), or by the author of the software. Neither the IRC nor the author accepts any liability for any defects in this software or its manuals, or for any damages caused by use of this software.

Clinical Applications are NOT recommended; this software is designed for research purposes only. This software should not be used for medical diagnostic purposes and the author and the IRC accept no responsibility for its use in this manner. CCHIPS has not been evaluated by or approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or by any other agency. There are no plans to have this software so evaluated.



The software is distributed freely for non-commercial research purposes, but ownership, copyright, and all rights are maintained by the Imaging Research Center (IRC) and by its authors. Re-distribution of the software without the express permission of the IRC and its authors is strictly prohibited.



Reports of bugs (a.k.a. "undocumented features") are always appreciated, but neither the author nor the IRC is able to guarantee support on an ongoing basis.